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The family crest of House Wolfschild, rulers of Lordamere since Fenris Keep was built.

The Barony of Lordamere was founded long ago by the Alteracian House Wolfschild, after the fall of the Arathorian Empire. The noble family has ruled since, and has stayed in power through annexation into the Kingdom of Lordaeron from the Kingdom of Alterac. It was to lose power eventually, however, during the Scourging of Lordaeron. Currently the Barony is non-existant, though the Wolfschild family seeks to reclaim it.

The Barony was directly south west of Lordaeron's Capital City, and consists of the Uplands, Dandred's Fold, the Dawning Isles, and its seat of power, Fenris Keep.


Upon the eve of King Thoradin's death, many of his former rivals - chieftains conquered by the Arathi Tribe - began to plot the end of the Empire of Arathor. Jealous of the High King of Humans, the chieftains, who were now nobles under Thoradin's rule, sought to make their own kingdoms. Some wished to simply claim their ancestral homelands for themselves; the lands that had belonged to their tribe before the Empire had engulfed them. Others, however, had designs for the lush green lands north of Strom. These lands would soon become known as Lordaeron, and nobles moved whole tribes in a great seizure of land.