Black Lotus
Black lotus tile
Emblem of Black Lotus

Main Leaders

Taran Zhu, Xuen



Theatre of Operations




Second Language(s)

Mogu, Old Pandaren, (recently) Orcish, Common


Temple of the White Tiger (Kun-Lai Summit)


Pandaren Empire, Golden Lotus, Shado Pan, August Celestials, Tillers, Anglers, Klaxxi, Jinyu Tribes, Lorewalkers,



Neutral with

Grand Alliance, Horde

The Black Lotus is a secretive organization of Shado-Pan, established by a few patriotic pandaren in order to protect mystic balance on the Pandaria continent which answers abnormal requests of Shado-Pan Monastery of those in need. Members of Black Lotus are apparently from the Shado-Pan, but unlike a Wallwatcher, they especially trained in dealing with the sha and their remnants by using Sealing Arts (the improved principles that used to conceal sha). The organization respects both August Celestials and Golden Lotus, therefore they never attempt to do something without their acknowledgment and still have no current activities due to inner disagreements.

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