Dagg prior to his death at the hands of human invaders.

Dagg Battlevow is an orc warrior turned undead and formerly high-ranking member of the Thunderfist Warband. He was, in fact, one the original founders of the Thunderfist. However, a human invasion had occurred within the Crossroads, wherein Dagg fell in battle against the invaders within. Dagg's body was taken by an unknown entity and later brought back as a Death Knight. Later on, he returned to his old warband to some lack of acceptance by some of the peons, who were afraid of his very presence. However, Aknug, then-leader of the warband, has brought Dagg in with open arms and hopes to see the returned hero maintain his place within the community.

Born Into Un-lifeEdit

Dagg Battlevow DK WoD

Dagg after being ressurected as a Death Knight.

Although Dagg's mind remains blank from the moment he fell in battle to when he awoke alone in the mud with his own blood now frozen in his veins (or so he claims), there are several theories on his return. The most widely accepted of them claims that he is the product of the quillboar necromancers that attempted an ill-advised raid on the Crossroads. A lich was revealed to be operating in the Barrens during their attack, creating a small army out of the risen boarmen; it is possible that it was this lich the one who chose to resurrect Dagg as a weapon to unleash on the warband later. The lich's death later at the hands of the Thunderfist's joined forces is probably what allowed the death knight to retain most of his own will, albeit this speaks grimly for his future, as the lich's phylactery wasn't found afterwards. What will happen once the lich is revived is yet unknown aside from some hushed whispers of mistrust.