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Southern shore of Chillfrost






Undead, different kinds of animals


The duke's stronghold


Duke Haldir Frostbane (formerly)

Evernight is a small island that tends to appear on the coast of Chillfrost Isle. Since it's considered a part of Chillfrost itself, not much infromation are given.


Evernight is not very big at all, additionaly it seems to wander. While most of the time this little isle is hidden away, certain event can trigger it to reappear on the coast of Chillfrost. iIt is unclear where exactly the island goes. Events that trigger the appearing of this small mass of landscape include living on the mainland and the resurface of the grim reaper, which personified on Chillfrost. Other causes are not known yet.


The accords that can be found in some villages on Chillfrost, tell of a small landscape not far from it's southern shore. Apparently this island was once a solid part of the mainland, untill it broke off as the whole place was cursed. Since then it is said to appear and reappear every now and then, ever being shrouded in an eternal state of night, as if the time there was frozen. Formerly bein the seat of duke Haldir Frostbane, this island is not great in size, however consists of a great fort and the former main cemetery of Dead's End and Bleakfall, called the Black Abbey. It is said to hold tresures and death alike. Death being for those who are not cautious enough and tresures being for those who deserve them.

The duke of course died as the curse broke out and the landmass was ripped from the mainland and it is said that his restless spirit may be the cause of the eternal night which puts this place in a veil of shadows.

Current statusEdit

After a short earthquake, few of the survivors saw how the fog bulged in the distance, as the piece of landmass floated next to the shore, yet still not possible to reach without a rowboat. They had no means, nor the reasons to go there, however that might change soon.

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