Ghar'dok the Impaler
Ghar'dok Comes





Character Class



The Mo'grosh Ogre Band

Former affiliation(s)


Leader of the Mo'grosh Ogres



Ghar'dok is the current leader of the Mo'grosh ogre band residing within the northeasternmost region of the Loch Modan.  A bully since his youth, Ghar'dok fought his way to the top of the Mo'grosh hierarchy through brute force once the twilight-affiliated leader, Gor'kresh, was brutally slain by the Alliance.  Once Gor'kresh's reign had come to an end, Ghar'dok renounced the ways of the Twilight's Hammer and rallied the other ogres through ideas of ogre supremacy. 

Uniquly calculating for an ogre of his profession, Ghar'dok could be compared to old Horde leader, Blackhand, for his balance of strength and wisdom in the battlefield, as well as his leadership capabilities.  Using the Mo'grosh's recent defeat as means of encouragment, Ghar'dok reminded the Mo'grosh ogres of their rough situation by emphasizing his points on the success of the Alliance, specifically the dwarves of Khaz Modan.  One such reminder used by Ghar'dok was the growing lack of a water source due to the destruction of the Stonewrought Dam.  With such knowledge backing their actions, the Mo'grosh ogres rallied under Ghar'dok's quest for vengeance against the nearby dwarves within Thelsamar.

As the dwarves grew more and more wary of ogre presence within the area, a small front was brought against the Mo'grosh ogres near the dam itself.  Ghar'dok's goal to completely conquer the Loch has begun...

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