Gizmospin Port1

A bird's eye view of Gizmospin Port.

Gizmospin Port is a healthy goblin port and fishery owned by the Sparkcog Cartel and is located at the base of Winterspring's towering mountain range. Its close proximity to Azshara, the Horde's Orgrimmar, and Everlook has provided ideal business and often a resting place for travelers. Gizmospin Port employs many fleets that often circumnavigate Azeroth, exporting the Sparkcog Cartel's and Horde's goods as well as locally caught fish.

Establishment and PastEdit

Originally, Gizmospin Port was built under the cartel's former Trade Prince Reklix and was an unsuccessful oil rig. Its workers often fished on unproductive days and breaks, and soon transformed their hobby into a business, managing to do minimal marketing with travelers and eventually becoming successful enough to turn their oil rig into a fishery. However, by the end of Trade War II the rig had failed to strike oil and was shut down. The workers were evicted and the rig fell into ruin.

A Mogul RemodelEdit

After the Shattering, Azshara became primarily Horde-controlled, and the Sparkcog Cartel's mogul, Glucket Gizmospin, intended to capitalize on this. After much scoping, consideration, and a little research, Glucket determined that the abandoned oil rig had more potential in shipping than in black gold. Its location also provided comfortable space for ships to sail in and out. The mogul eagerly set to work on construction and business contracts, and within a few months, the dinky oil rig was transformed into a bustling port that quickly developed business relationships with the Horde.

Gizmospin TodayEdit

When someone goes to Gizmospin Port, they can expect the air to be thick with the stench of salty fish and scurvy dogs. The port comes to life in a sea of moving crates passing to and fro ships and the town. Beyond its active docks, the town has a sailor's tavern with cheap ale and straw beds. Its spiky lighthouses ensure that no ship ever misses it. Real estate is small but existent, with several houses currently up for sale. Street vendors are scattered about, selling their oddities and miscellaneous goods to tourists and curious passerbys.


Upon seeing Gizmospin Port for the first time, mogul Glucket Gizmospin remarked that it looked like a "mini-Shipwreck." Since then, the nickname has caught on, and many tourists - even some villagers - refer to the port simply as Mini-Shipwreck.

The Gizmospin GalleryEdit