Neutral 32 Honor's Retreat
Type Settlement
Race(s) All Except Pandaren, Worgen and Draenei
Language(s) Various
Faith(s) Holy Light
Affiliation(s) The Argent Dawn
Formerly The Kingdom of Lordaeron
Organisations The Argent Dawn

The Order of Fenris

Location Eastern Tirisfal Glades
Facilities Done Blacksmith Done Inn

Done Medic

Travel On Foot
Status Fortified

(Disclaimer: The Following Location is only valid within The Blighted Lands Phase)

Honor's RetreatEdit

Honor's Retreat is a tavern located in eastern Tirisfal Glades. Once a place for Off-Duty Soldiers, it is now a hub and base of operations for the Argent Dawn.


The Second War

Although the Tavern was around before the War, It's golden days were after It. Alliance troops spent their nights washing away their battle stories with their former comrades, relishing in the glory and hardships they had faced. It was a place to be admired, also acting as a waystation to travellers and merchents heading east, though it would not last long.

The Third War

When the nobles of Lordaeron heard of the Plague in the North, Honor's Retreat was fortified, and housed the guards who would be stationed at the new Bulwark. Control of the Bulwark prevented the plague and the undead from spreading south, and became the border between civilisation, and hell. Survivors fleeing to Tirisfal Glades would seek refuge at the Tavern, telling stories of the Undead, and the horrors they had experienced.

When Arthas returned, he would siege Capital City, and soon after abolish the defences at the Bulwark, including Honor's Retreat. The battle at the Tavern was one to be remembered, drunken veterans crying out, ripping the very bones that held the undead together. But not even the alcohol fueled fury of Lordaeron's veterans could keep the endless tide of undead from leaving the fabled retreat in ruin. The Argent Dawn

Following the foundation of the Argent Dawn, Maxwell Tyrosus saw the potential of the ruin as a base, its fortifications laid out many years ago were still mostly in tact, and it was close to the Bulwark, which was guarded by a coalition of Argent and Forsaken guards. The Retreat would be restored, and would become a successful base of operations for the Argent Dawn, and one of the only, if not -the- only safe haven for survivors of the hell that is Tirisfal Glades.


  • Despite The Argent Dawn being a multi-racial organisation, Honor's Retreat appears to be comprised of Humans only. This is most likely due to the phase owner not being bothered to make npc templates for every single race.
  • Honor's Retreat didn't origionally incorporate a Blacksmith, but the addition was added under player request.