Jak-Jak was a very young Hozen, with an odd fur-color for where he lived.
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Jak-Jak, sitting with the cabbage "Sylvannas"

The story so far....Edit

Jak-Jak was one of three Hozen babies who were lost by his parents at a very young age. He spent the first little sector of his life wandering alone, snacking off of what ever he could find to eat, mostly cabbages and bananas. Jak-Jak met a Pandaren by the name of Bao'Dun. The two met while Jak-Jak followed a group of people who were seemingly all going to the same place. After only a few hours of bonding, the pandaren said that he would raise Jak-Jak as he did not have Hozen parents that knew where he was. Jak-Jak quickly made friends with most of the people who were Bao'Dun's friends. Jak-Jak seemingly trusted the outsiders who came to Bao'Dun's camp despite them being such foreign faces to the land, however Jak-Jak was young and did not really know any different.

Not so small nowEdit

After being given an elixier by an Apothecary and friend; Putor Ravensorrow, Jak-Jak's rate of growth rapidly increased by roughly four times, this ended up in Jak-Jak becoming rather large despite retaining his childish mentality. This also increased his strength to be much greater than a Hozen of his age should possess, leading him into getting in more mischief than usually anticipated.


Jak Jak met his demise after protecting his adoption father from a blast from a sha. The blast from the sha ripped open a hole in Jak Jak's chest, and the two never got to say a proper goodbye. It is unknown if Jak-Jak had a funeral, or whether he has a grave.

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