Korm Stonehoof
Warrior of the Bloodhoof





Character class



The Bloodhoof Tribe; Thunder Bluff


Defender of Mulgore


Thunder Bluff



Korm Stonehoof is a heroic tauren warrior of the Thunderfist Warband and defender of the people of Mulgore.  Once kidnapped by the Scourge within Icecrown Glacier, Korm had finally regained his strength prior to the Cataclysm, and shortly thereafter decided to take up arms against the forces of the terrible dragon, Deathwing. Once Azeroth had finally seemed to achieve relative peace, an aged Stonehoof decided to retire in his homeland within Bloodhoof Village. Tired and beaten from the stress of battle, he has become a modest trader amongst the community, a far cry from the brutal character he once was.


Sometime after the Cataclysm, the Tauren of Mulgore were left with terrible defeats, including that the death of their beloved Bloodhoof chieftain, Cairne. Fortunately, his son Baine steps up to take the reins. Finding the Grimtotem clan guilty of poisoning his father's drinks, Baine drives the clan out of Thunder Bluff. He has built a gate to defend his shattered lands, giving him time to regroup for war with the Alliance. Korm had revisited the aging Krang Stonehoof in hopes of regaining his warrior's edge, which allowed him to help avenge Camp Taurajo.


Korm Stonehoof WoD RCM

After Deathwing and his forces had been permanently pushed back, Korm realized that he had become tired of constant fighting and sacrificing of his health. He retired from the front lines and headed off into the sunset of Mulgore, accepting that a new generation of heroes are capable of protecting Azeroth from any future threats it may face.  Korm also holds a distate for the war between the Horde and the Alliance and refuses to become apart of it.  Instead, Stonehoof chooses to observe and rest peacefully within the small Bloodhoof Village, perhaps waiting until the day comes that he shall be compelled to gather his equipment and defend his people once more.