Korthos Swiftwind is an awkward high elf assassin who once resided within the Eversong Woods until he grew weary of his people's heavy addiction to magic becoming such a primary concern in their lives. A youthful fellow, he felt a need to escape toward a new land that would fulfill his greatest ambitions. Upon escaping by boat to the lower Eastern Kingdoms, Korthos eventually headed to Westfall and found many homeless residents and bandits there who he felt he could help. However, during his mission, he met the Westfall Wrangler Gang that held a similar goal and invited him to join them and aid the less fortunate of the lands. Now with a newfound meaning for his life, Korthos valiantly charges forward for his team, ignoring their obvious flaws in order to pursue his dreams of becoming a hero.


Korthos refuses to acknowledge his family name, because he fled Eversong in disgrace and is avoiding being tracked by any of his relatives until he can establish a good name for himself in new lands.

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