Mr. Who?Edit

Mr. Grubby is the name of the most advanced hobgoblins of the time. With a year of training solely dedicated to not drinking the toxic wastes commonly found in the goblins' cities, this particular series of Hobgoblins can be set above all the rest!

The HistoryEdit

Originally thought of prior to the first Trade War, the Mr. Grubby is a signature strain of trained Hobgoblins manufactured solely one at a time. Each has proven to be a valuable asset to the whomever is the highest bidder at the time of a manufacturing.

Mr. Grubby the 1st (Riddlevox): Originally serving as a Mook-commander back during Trade War 1. This Mr. Grubby was the first Hobgoblin to EVER successfully explain how to be a sapper to his companions. Unfortunately, this Mr. Grubby's existence was short-lived due to an incident involving a Shredder, a can of Kaja'cola, and a drunk gnome.

Mr. Grubby the 2nd (Steamwheedle): Made shortly after the death of the first Mr. Grubby this particular Hobgoblin lived out most of his full years with little incidence other than nearly suffocating two moguls via flatulence in a sealed room.

Mr. Grubby #3-8 (Riddlevox): Little information is know about Mr. Grubby during this time period other than the fact that Riddlevox continuously bought-out Mr.Grubby and that each one lasted only a few months. After Mr. Grubby #8 the manufacturer decided to no longer allow the Riddlevox faction to bid on any further Mr. Grubbies.

Mr. Grubby the Fast #9 (Sparkcog): Originally bought to act as the captain of security for the Sparkcog Trade Prince, this particular Mr. Grubby ended up a high-class 'Death-racer' and has a registered 24 victories on the track and a currently undefeated record of 156 kills on the track..Most of whom were in the stands. Unfortunately his term ended following an assassination attempt on a Sparkcog mogul. Mr. Grubby sacrificed himself valiantly to save him...he was unsuccessful as his fat corpse fell on and crushed the mogul and his secretary to death.

Mr. Grubby #10 (Sparkcog): Mr. Grubby #10 was registered by the Sparkcog Cartel and acted as Security Captain for the powerful Cartel. Still, his days mostly consisted of lazing around or driving his trike around the various Sparkcog cities and ports. He is the first known Mr. Grubby to have lived a full hobgoblin life of 5 years.

Mr. Grubby #11 (Today): This Mr. Grubby is currently in training... PLACE YA BIDS!

The Head MookEdit

While he may still be dumb and somewhat inefficient at times, he is still widely regarded as "The Head Mook" by various other Hobgoblins. Though very rarely by actual goblins.