AllianceNPC 32 Murim Earthpride





Character Class



Alliance, Ironforge




Murdir (father, deceased), Pruina (mother), Cialis (uncle), Dramble, Gelum, Sevrina (siblings)

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

People that meet Murim can notice his strange and short-tempered personality that followed him through the years, though he wasn’t discouraged by people that saw him as a silly dwarf. Despite these flaws, he still stood high and proud against the enemies of the Bronzebeards and Alliance, with his weapon by his side, he defeated many foes and lived to tell the story (in a bragging fashion, of course). Tall as any other typical dwarf, with his brown beard and hair, he can be seen in armor that suits his liking.




From left to right: Dramble, Pruina, Sevrina, Murim, Gelum and uncle Cialis before their less common reunions.

Murim Earthpride was born in a family as the eldest of four, with parents Murdir and Pruina. He was very close to his siblings; his brothers Dramble and Gelum, and sister Sevrina. While he didn’t remain in contact with the twins Gelum and Sevrina, who are both supposedly doing assignments involving the Explorer’s League, Dramble has offered plenty of companionship to his older brother in their service to the Alliance. As well as fighting together, the two of them enjoyed an occasional ale as any other dwarf. Their reunion takes place every year at the Brewfest festival in front of Ironforge.

The Scourge InvasionEdit

Murim was devastated to hear of his father’s death during the Scourge attack on Lordaeron. Murdir Earthpride was a soldier during the battles against the undead and was killed some time after the beginning of the plague of undeath. Murim and his brother Dramble also fought at this time and carried even greater contempt for the mindless undead they vanquished after their father died. Dramble tried to stay positive, though for some time Murim was obsessed with vengeance and stopped being the same jolly dwarf his friends knew. Eventually he returned to his former self and managed not to get overwhelmed by revenge with his priorities right in front of him.

Murim and Dramble during their service.

(More to come...)

Present TimeEdit

Murim would try and help out anyone in passing with his combat skills, mostly doing military jobs for the Alliance, though sometimes his love for currency sets a price for his services.

That Time of YearEdit

Brewfest excites many alcohol fans, and the Earthpride family is one of them. Once a year they gather at the festival grounds and drink until they can’t take anymore, or once they spend the maximum coin. Uncle Cialis, Pruina, the twins Gelum and Sevrina, Dramble and Murim share stories of their lives with the company of the best ale at Brewfest. Gelum and Sevrina’s stories are considered dull, but no-one except Murim tells them in the most frank way as possible, and only to tell them his own “exciting” stories of Horde-crushing afterwards. With the last round of the family-picked brew, they would always toast to Murdir Earthpride, in loving memory.

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