Neth darker (Black&White) (By Tinski & AmazingGravoyle)

'Greytalon' (Familiar)
Nethy shade
Art by Amazing Gravoyle
Vital statistics
Title Eyes of Netharion
Gender (It's a bird figure made out of magic)
Race Familiar
Faction The Black Dragonflight
Health  ???
Level  ???
Status Active
Location Around and about


(Art by Tinski, edited by AmazingGravoyle)

Current theme:

Basic Information Edit

Name: Netharion

Titles/Nicknames: Terror of Darkvale, Bloodfang.

Disguise Names: Shadrack, 'Claw', Greytalon

Gender: Male

Age: 1006

(Character creation date: February 2010)

Race: Black Wyrm

Birthplace: The Bloodfang Temple. (Badlands)

Status: Active

Relatives: Edit

Offspring: (Young drakes during Cata.)

- Nethaxion (Alive)

- Pythius. (Pythion) (?)*

- Ember. ("Emberion") (Deceased)

- Flartharion ('Flare') (Alive)

- Teryxia (?)*

- Leonia (?)*

- Rythion (Alive?)

- Cyria (?)*

*: Either slain or lost, astray.

Mother: Arenia (Deceased)

Father: Natharon (Unknown State)

Sister: Sindria (Unknown)

Brother: Grathion (Deceased)


Combat ===

Combat Styles Edit

Mortal Form: Tricky, but defensive. Wielding a 1-handed sword of flame and sometimes a mithril shield, enchanted to reflect spells. Netharion uses teleportation to land multiple successive strikes. Ranged spells are used to incapacitate/stun/fear enemies primarily. Powerful charged spells/empowered by a trinket or rune, used for knockback or disintigration, using magma-creating spells. Barriers of shadow magic might also be seen if Netharion resorts to combat in his mortal form, given enough time and space.

Finisher: [Destructo]: Summons an ancient artifact to unlock new abilities temporarily. Drains user's life energy over time in order to maintain magical power. Lasts maximum ~2 minutes. (Netharion begins to lose his mind, going mad after just 2 minutes from wielding this haunted weapon.)

Familiar: Usually very tricky and evasive, mostly attempting to wear down the opponents by affecting their mind. Netharion's familiar is capable of affecting the memories of people gazing into its eyes, using this as a combat strategy as well as an escape option by making enemies unable to remember what they were doing. It is an extremely powerful technique originating from shadow mixed with traits from divination which the familiar specializes in. Its offensive abilities are however fairly limited to physical strikes, minor shadow effects and projectiles of flame.

Finisher: [Forget It]: Eye-contact with the familiar for an extended amount of time would intentionally make the victim lose its most recent memories, likely having no clue as to why a fight was going on, leaving the victim fully vulnerable to numerous attacks.

Dragon Form: Aggressive, Destructive. Primarily sending devastating blows to an opponent dragon's neck/spine area, claw and tail swipes aimed toward an enemy dragon's wings. Netharion's flamebreath is usually a massive cone of flame with drops and particles of lava able to make holes in unprepared opponents.

The obsidian wyrm would crush or devour opposing humanoid opponents, assuring prolonged hours of torture to come... Having already fought plenty of dragon hunters and slayers in the past, he's experienced and very hard to take down.

Finisher: [Catastrophic Eruption]: Netharion slams the ground violently with his claws, causing the ground to rip apart and form a shield around himself, while flooding the nearby terrain with super hot lava, knocking enemies up, likely to have them fall into the lava unless they are capable of flight or have a way to deal with the lava.

Occupation & Hobbies ===

Netharion spends most of his time hiding in his underground dome, using magical orbs to see visions in places far away as well as controlling his familiar.

He used to monitor the Lost Canyons for a long time, taking notes of everything which happened there if he could see it. One of these observing eyes of Netharion was a strange orange-eyed wolf. Most of the other magical manifestions were strange-looking orbs mounted in a pedestal. He additionally crafted different artifacts and trinkets, but many of them weren't used and his few drakonid minions kept them just for their collection.

When not at home, he assumes a disguise and searches for a reason to destroy. To test his own and others limits while subtly making Azeroth a slightly better place by targeting mostly demonkind, undead and rampant elementals. If annoyed, he'd usually sneak about anywhere in the Eastern Kingdoms, looking to kidnap someone to perform his own lesser experiments. Unlike Nefarian, Netharion wanted only a few loyal minions to scout for him and collect treasure which he could use. Wise, but somewhat evil and twisted, Netharion had contact with a few mortals who came to know of him, monitoring them as well. He wanted loyal mortals to put anyone out of their misery who would dare to approach his domain or announce his identity.

In addition, he also ventured to the Lost Canyons which he monitored. Assisting the small "clan" of independant drakonid outcasts in survival, but this assisting was only minimal to avoid too much suspicion from the mortal point of view. The drakonids never served Netharion like his few select minons, but in exchange for useful knowledge, they were sometimes rewarded artifacts which Netharion crafted in the Bloodfang Temple.

Personality: Edit

Even though he takes it as a lesser game, he actually does notice the bravery and honor of those challenging him in combat. In Netharion's mind, it is honorable to fall to his power. Regardless, he is very observant and prefers watching things happen most of the time, but he does find it intriguing if a minor action of his own might change an outcome tremendously. Logically, he enjoys watching people die and get hurt to satisfy his own taint despite it having been weakened due to his past encounter with a Dreadlord who manipulated his mind and later a member of the Emerald Dragonflight who he indirectly helped and therefore was helped to avoid entirely losing his mind. Still affected by his taint, he has the eyes of a vicious predator able to kill, but wouldn't take the lives of those who has helped him a lot or he finds interest in.

Among "friends", Netharion finds most social interactions involving humor and common nonsense rather irrelevant, probably because he's spoken with so many similar people during his 1000+ year long life. He seems wise and highly intelligent and is aware of his own, his minions and others actions and tends to deal with problems by forcing justice upon those who have wronged him or his allies. He usually picks the most logical position which would give himself the neutral standpoint in a given situation.

Ironically, Netharion cares little about others and their respective homes and territories. Justice or not, he doesn't care. He would nonchalantly send his familiar to observe what would be considered private matters, merely to gain knowledge to perhaps put himself in a better position should trouble arise. Surprisingly, he won't go straight into combat if he's insulted (Depends on who's insulting him) or is asked to cease his observations due to the privacy of others, since he is indeed aware that it is considered disrespectful by most people. Netharion is convincingly patient compared to the rest of his kin, but that doesn't mean one must poke the wyrm. He finds interest in mortals asking him questions about the past. Apparently he likes answering questions, but sometimes it is too much and he gets slightly annoyed. When that happens, one should probably leave him to his own. He rarely throws a joke into a conversation, but it does happen sometimes as when he was a young dragon a dreadlord tried to mess with his mind to make him a loyal minion, but the attempt failed because of Netharion had taken precautions to outsmart the Dreadlord. The result was the weakening of his earlier regular taint of the Black Dragonflight, leaving him able to resist the whispers, but still aware and affected by them. It is however extremely rare that he would succumb to his taint and go mad and if it were to happen, he would have a loyal minion summon him and lock him up in adamantite shackles to prevent the destruction of towns.



The Black Dragonflight, (Not loyal to Deathwing, but doesn't want his kin to die off.), Himself.

Languages: ==== Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Orcish, Dwarvish and Titan (slightly) ====

Appearance: ==== He is tremendously tall when sitting up tall, equal to a 2½ story tall building, counting his horns upon the back of his head. (Not counting his wings.)

Netharion's surface is all covered with rock-hard scales, unable to be pierced by the sharpest of normal swords and arrows. Bullets will be rather useless as well, unless you are aiming for his eyes or using the most powerful of bullets. His massive wings reach about the diameter of a small town and his tail half said diameter. His tail is rather long and its end has an orb of even harder scales, acting as a mace. He has a noticable miscolor on the top of his tail upon its middle, after taking a certain warlock's chaos bolt from behind. Except for that, he appears naturally regular without further wounds. His claws are sharp and can be used to slash and crush with ease. An army of teeth is seen upon and within his mouth. Netharion's eyes usually glow orange in the dark, but outside or when enraged they can shift to a mysterious glowy red. Due to his physical training, fighting magically generated apparitions, his physique is obviously something to behold and it is not just for show. He is extremely powerful physically, where he lacks minor magical ability compared to his age and time he's had to study in certain fields of magic. Because of this, his underbelly has also gained thicker scales after being magically powered gradually over the years while training for so long. Netharion discovered his underbelly as a weakness at an early age and knew it would be his end, if he didn't do anything about it, having heard the same words escape the mouths of dragon hunters while spying. The same is to be said about his neck area, being thicker than usual and not easily damaged.

The most efficient strategy to damage him would be to use siege weapons or the terrain and different environments.

His horns are grey, but a mineral makes them look somewhat white at day when outside. Netharion can have smoke escaping his nostrils, but way more and maybe even flames when he's angered.

Netharion additionally has a few armor plates he can equip in his dragon form. A headpiece, chestpiece and wrist/tail pieces. Primarily made out of mixing elementium with titanium alloys. Heavy, but Netharion is able to lift it with relative ease, due to his phenominal physical strength. With this equipped, only something like a heavy glaive thrower will get past both his armor and scales. A heavy hit to the neck or wings from another dragon will also make him fall to his doom and collapse upon his own weight if flying. That is why he's extremely careful when flying and often has a barrier of magic surrounding him if he isn't flying up high when flying long distances.

Mortal Form: (Varies)

Crow/Raven/Worg Form: Usually scary during the night, but seems normal during the day. Since he has a lot of time to create weapons and other things, he's created a couple of familiars which are identical to his Crow Form and Worg Form, but a lot weaker than if he was in direct command. They all share the same trait, they can switch places with either another familiar or Netharion himself. It is very hard to know whether it is just a familiar or the real deal.

The familiars are not many, but are hardly wounded by non-magical attacks unless their weakspot takes the blow.

Fears ====

Netharion's greatest fear, is to see his own drakes die before his own eyes, which happened once when Ember proved to be insane enough to harm his brethren. Other fears would be torture, (ironically) nightmares, Old Gods, paralyzation, yet he does not fear death anymore.

Backstory: ==



Netharion is an offspring of the Bloodfang Brood. One of the last of his family line. He has been through many battles and is mostly unknown to mortals. Netharion is not amused about being hated by generally all other creatures on Azeroth, but he accepts it anyway. He does not want to lose his current status and power, since he is rather successful in surviving. Like all Black Dragons, Deathwing's blood flows in his veins hence why he is also tainted. Because of bad incidents with Twilight Dragons and those of his own, he doesn't instantly show kindness unless convinced, but that doesn't mean he is a good individual because of showing dislike to his own kin... Netharion doesn't hate his own kin, he is still proud of being what he is. He is a rather arrogant being, but when a situation gets serious, he -may- listen to what strangers say. Sometimes he can also throw away his arrogance at will if he is in the right mood.


The First Journey Edit

A millenia ago, Netharion hatched from an egg in a warm and cozy den. He emerged from his egg, ready to kill just after hatching. His brothers and sisters were among him, teasing him for now being the youngest member of the brood. Netharion did of course not understand everything yet. His broodmother, did not seem to care much about her whelps either, though enough to find food in order to let them grow. After 1 month had passed, Netharion was already expelled from his home, so was his brothers and sisters. Netharion accompanied two of his brothers in order to have something to compare himself with. The three hatchlings went out hunting together, viciously ripping their prey apart due to their destructive instincts. Netharion looked upon his brothers, wondering who was the strongest. After a successful meal, he challenged his older brother, Rethion, in a duel. Continuously, the small whelps bit and clawed each other, both getting rather tired and wounded from the fight. It was a tie.

Netharion and the two other hatchlings proceeded to live in the Badlands for the time being, eating whatever food they could find and finding shelter in tiny caves they digged.

One day, a human came by their caves and wondered what those entrances were. Upon kneeling down and investigating the three tiny caves, the hatchlings jumped out of the caves, aggressively using their breath weapon to light the human on fire. The poor human was badly burnt across his chest and face and attempted to flee. Netharion being the most aggressive, leapt up towards the man's neck, biting his throat viciously as blood started to flow. The two other hatchlings kept the human immovable by tearing his legs apart with fire and physical attacks. The human fell onto the ground, gasping for his breath as he went unconcious after about 10 seconds. The hatchlings did not care much whether they just slew an animal or a humanoid, they proceeded to feast on the remains.

As the three hatchlings grew larger, closing in on the form of a drake, Netharion's two brothers went out from their newly digged cave without Netharion noticing. The two hatchlings came back with a larger meal, being a young stag. Netharion was hungry after having slept for a while, but his brothers were way too egoistic so they didn't give Netharion anything. Netharion roared at his brothers in challenge, demanding a bite from the food. The three hatchlings were inevitably all very selfish and didn't succumb to each other. They all broke into a fight that lasted for only a couple of minutes. Netharion being the most angry one, dealt the most damage. When they all were too tired to fight more, Netharion looked upon his brothers, laying on the ground, bleeding. He did not have any love for them, so he did not care. He noticed one of his brothers, Rethion, had his throat ripped open. They all knew that he wasn't going to make it. Netharion decided to never stay with his brothers again, he left the cave, doubting his own kin.

Netharion traveled into the Twilight Highlands, long before all the chaos with the Twilight's Hammer. He made a cave there for himself, now being all alone. He knew he had always been guided by his taint and thought it was the only good thing to do. Not being himself, he followed the words of his taint. He had a small hunting zone where he continued to hunt and train himself for combat.

Drake Ages === Netharion had been in the Highlands for so long, that he destroyed his own cave to find something new. The same cycle each day made him even more insane, his mind couldn't take it. Netharion was late on learning to use his disguise, but once he learned it, an idea in his mind appeared. "I should figure out how these "humanoid societies" are working... Why not?" He left his cave behind, not bothering to rebuild it. Upon entering a village, he saw posters written in common. All the posters being different organizations he really didn't care about. He sighed, not having a clue about what the mortal society could offer. Netharion said that he simply lived in a house in Elwynn Forest to those who asked. He usually went somewhat far away from the current town he was investigating and digged out a temporary cave, then he could spy upon the village from a distance if bored or simply walk into it, using his disguise. He usually made sure that people wouldn't find his nearby cave, but in rare cases, it happened. Netharion then had to permanently leave the town and usually ended up killing the responsible individual who discovered his cave. He left quickly after the kill to prevent anyone from following him. He was always on the move.

Netharion became older with time, he was now a drake, pretty lithe and agile. He discovered that he could travel to the continent of Kalimdor to find new species to hunt and new areas to explore. He took a boat to there, disguised as a human. Upon arriving at Ratchet, he was confused by the large savanna of the Barrens. He explored the surrounding areas, trying to avoid the Horde. With time, he had a dwarf disguise prepared, he rarely used this though, as he went to Ashenvale. Once there, he met one of his sisters that had the same idea as him. He did not greet her much, though she was inspired by his idea of the dwarf disguise she saw him use while being in the Barrens. Netharion then heard from her, that the place he long ago hatched, was on the so-called Alcaz Isle. Netharion had never heard that name before, but after receiving instructions from his sister, he went to Dustwallow Marsh.

Upon entering the Marsh, he was surprised to find other Black Dragonflight in the area, these looking different than him. He discovered the presence of the Onyxian Brood and found out more details about his own flight. Luckily for Netharion, he was considered rather neutral rather than an outlaw of his Flight, since he didn't really take any orders from anyone and he didn't bother aiding the Aspect to his full extent. Netharion went to Alcaz Isle. He took a short route around on the island, discovering an underground tunnel system. Netharion suddenly became filled with anger, thinking that his former home was destroyed by rampant murlocs. He attacked a few of them there, until he was stabbed in the chest with a short spear. Netharion roared in anger as he found himself outnumbered, deciding not to waste his power on some mere murlocs. He flew away from the island, landing in the Marsh to inspect his wounds. Luckily for him, only a few ribs were damaged and no vital organs were harmed. While checking his wounds, he immediately gained a hate to his sister as he now knew that she just tricked him and wanted to get rid of him... He digged a small cave, despite his wounds and rested.

Netharion returned to Ashenvale where the sister continued to find a weak spot to start a massive fire. Netharion walked up to her and immediately started a fight. Netharion had the upper hand due to him already being enraged and physically was stronger and larger. After clawing, slicing, bashing and eviscerating his sister, he left the area without a single word.

Netharion walked around in Kalimdor aimlessly, but one day in the Barrens, he saw an Emerald Dragon near a lesser mountain. Netharion decided to investigate to see if he could earn a kill. Upon spying the area, he heard that it was some kind of faction, allowing all flights as long as they obeyed the leader and stood together. Netharion was not very fond of being with someone due to what happened with him and his brothers, but upon noticing one of the council members being a black wyrm, he managed to become a part of the faction known as Heartwing. Netharion was given the job of scouting and eliminating any threats near the main lair. During one of the days of scouting, Netharion returned to the lair upon finding a human female being in the lair, joined by a red drake. Netharion was quite suspicious about this mortal invading upon the base. He snorted at both of them, not showing much respect, the concequences being, Netharion was placed in front of the black wyrm and taught that he shouldn't be as mindless as his brothers and sisters and should avoid giving in to the whispers. Netharion not understanding how to respect others, said that he would do it anyway. In time, Netharion was taught - in one way or the other, to handle his taint slightly better. He was told by the elder that he would be nothing but a weak ant and a puppet, not able to hear his own inner thoughts. His entire life, he only followed his taint, being whispers which told him what to do. Netharion learned that he could do more than before, if he started to ignore the whispers. He did something he had never done before, he apologized to the human dragonsworn and inevitably the red drake.

Netharion did not expect a mortal willing to care for him. This human female managed to gain a bond of friendship with Netharion over time, in the beginning not being that stable though. Netharion still had his distrust to her, but when she became the dragonsworn of the black wyrm council member, he had to respect her as he would respect the wyrm, almost.

Time passed, the days going away with scouting, taking out opposing enemies trying to infiltrate the Heartwing hold. The days became weeks, which became months, years and so on. Netharion had grown further in size, now almost assuming the shape of a mature dragon. The scouting job did prove itself useful, when one day, the leader of Heartwing suddenly ordered every member to rid the faction of the Black Dragonflight. Netharion was scouting at this exact moment when the order was executed. Upon returning to the Heartwing, he noticed others of his flight on their way out from the lair. Netharion was warned by one of the fellow black drakes that the rules had changed. Netharion sighed and flew away while the other flight members were inside the lair. Netharion lost his faith in the faction, but was later told that the order only came up due to the leader being "corrupted".

Since Netharion didn't truly believe this, he decided that he would one day return to investigate Heartwing and find out what happened and why.

During his time being alone now once again, he made different friends, convinced that they once knew his father and that they were willing to help Netharion containing his inner rage passively caused by his taint. Netharion became inspired by this and decided to pay back by now having a few bonds of friendship with various people. He gained the trust of another black wyrm who helped him on his way, but a single time when the said wyrm was not around, he was recognized by a few dragon hunters who had met Netharion before. Netharion was found fighting both the hunters and his own kin, but it was probably because they thought Netharion was assisting their additional enemies, mercenaries. After the incident, his distrust to his own kin grew, not instantly showing kindness to every black dragon he meets in the future.

Near Present Times (Year 2012-13) ====

Netharion was fully mature, and decided to return to his home to find out more about his brood. He gained interest as he remembered how the sister of his told him that their brood was called the Bloodfang Brood.

Netharion started the search for their old domain to see what he could find, however, he was surprised about what he found.

Netharion met a female black dragon who promised that his taint could be removed. Netharion thought it was too good to be true, but then again he would rather take precautions and accept the offer. One day, he arrived at a mysterious building with the aforementioned dragonkin. It seemed elvish, but rather strange to Netharion none the less. As he arrived at the entrance, a strange elven man greeted him. Netharion had a talk with this elf and later found out this person was in reality a dreadlord. The dreadlord offered Netharion help to manage his taint, but truly wished to turn him into his own weapon of destruction, a loyal minion. Netharion was not sure whether to accept this offer to let the dreadlord manipulate with his mind, so he decided to put his prepared trinkets to use, subtly.

The Plan: Netharion empowered his hidden axe which was able to be summoned from any place on Azeroth, yet only able to be used for a couple of swings before it would disappear once more. The axe had been enchanted with so much magic, that its properties were more magical than that of a physical weapon. This was done years back by his father when he was still alive. Netharion's father had the axe from his father who had forged it. The axe was at its most powerful level yet. Netharion empowered the axe so if he was unable to control his mind due to manipulation, he would use all the power remaining in himself to call upon the axe to destroy himself. Netharion told the dreadlord this, if he was going to play tricks with him, it would be useless. The dreadlord nodded anyway and started the ritual in an attempt to take over his mind, but it was carefully organized by the spirits within Netharion's axe, manipulating the spell of the dreadlord. Netharion would then merely act as if he was now loyal, yet a spirit within the axe was the real victim of the dreadlord's additional application after lessening the taint upon Netharion.

After the ritual was done, Netharion was more focused than ever, the whispers had stopped. Atleast he thought so, until they shortly after returned, this time in the entire room that he, the dreadlord and the female dragon was in. The place was getting attacked by a manifestion of the Old Gods due to the ritual and magical destabilization in the area. Netharion fought along with the female dragon and defeated the manifestion after beating several spawns of the Old Gods. Netharion was heavily wounded, as he wasn't used to thinking clear.

He recovered over a month or so.

Netharion eventually used a few potions at his home which he stole from another black, causing him to recover faster.

With time, the whispers returned to him, but at one point they stopped getting more intense. His taint had been slightly limited, but may suddenly burst forth at random times. Netharion heard only whispers like "Kill" or "Die", sometimes a sentence or two when idle and relaxed as he could be.

After traveling around the Eastern Kingdoms once more, he tried to figure out where the home of his ancestors was located. When a year had passed, he concluded that it wasn't a tiny cave on Alcaz Isle, but a huge temple hidden just a few hundred meters below the mountains of the eastern Searing Gorge, on the edge between Badlands and Searing Gorge.

Netharion decided to move all his secrets to there instead, which he did successfully. Upon investigating the place further, he found a hidden chamber where a creature dwelled within. Truly a stranger. The creature introduced itself, using the name 'Red'. 'Red' pledged his loyalty to Netharion and easily convinced Netharion that he could be of great use. 'Red' had been in the temple for ages and centuries it seemed, but Netharion never found out of his origins due to the first and last attempt to question it. 'Red' said that he could ask about everything, but simply not his past. Netharion didn't care much about it and said: "The present is a gift, let us enjoy it while we can and forget what horrible past we may've experienced. I can at least reward you by letting you keep your secrets to yourself." 'Red' nodded in agreement and was honest that he wouldn't let Netharion down. 'Red' later showed great potential of a fighter and even signs of being capable to use multiple schools of magic which the drakonid then began to study in depth.

Netharion remained confused for years, wondering what type of dragon 'Red' was. After searching through books and scrolls he found out that 'Red' was in the same category as a drakonid, though 'Red' had a slightly different body structure and biology, promoting speed rather than brute force in addition to his magical ability. In addition to all that knowledge, Netharion discovered something much more exciting about Reds kin, something mortals should not know of.

End of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria: Edit

Towards the end of the Cataclysm, Netharion flew above the ruined town of Darkvale, a town he had previously had business in, for the last time. He knew that he wasn't coming back to settle the score with his newly gained enemies. Confused and blinded by rage and regret, he continued flying away, down near the Blasted Lands and disappeared behind the mountains. Anyone there would've seen him fly off the coast into the unknown. Either gone for good or settled at another remote location.

Warlords of Draenor Edit

Still alive, hiding.

Netharion had barely been active during these times, mostly interfering slightly in particular towns and kingdoms using his familiars. Only socializing with his close and loyal allies.

Legion Edit

He has returned after his exile in Outland, the broken remnants of Draenor.

Still remaining exiled somewhere on Azeroth.

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