'Greytalon' (Familiar)
Nethy shade
Art by Amazing Gravoyle
Vital statistics
Title Eyes of Netharion
Gender (It's a bird figure made out of magic)
Race Familiar
Faction The Black Dragonflight
Health  ???
Level  ???
Status Active
Location Around and about

(Art by Tinski)

Current theme:

Basic Information Edit

Name: Netharion

Titles/Nicknames: Terror of Darkvale

Disguise Names: Shadrack, 'Claw', Greytalon

Gender: Male

Age: 1006

(Character creation date: February 2010)

Race: Black Wyrm

Birthplace: The Bloodfang Temple. (Badlands)

Status: Active

Relatives: Edit

Offspring: (Young drakes during Cata.)

- Nethaxion (Alive)

- Pythius. (Pythion) (Deceased)

- Ember. ("Emberion") (Deceased)

- Flartharion ('Flare') (Alive)

- Teryxia (?)*

- Leonia (Deceased)

- Rythion (?)*

- Cyria (?)*

*: Either slain or lost, astray.

Mother: Arenia (Deceased)

Father: Natharon (Deceased)

Sister: Sindria (Unknown)

Brother: Grathion (Deceased)

Occupation & Hobbies ===

Netharion spends most of his time hiding in his underground dome, using magical orbs to see visions in places far away as well as controlling his familiar.

He used to monitor the Lost Canyons for a long time, taking notes of everything which happened there if he could see it. One of these observing eyes of Netharion was a strange orange-eyed wolf. Most of the other magical manifestions were strange-looking orbs mounted on a pedestal.

He has crafted several weapons and trinkets, but many of them have never been used, but rather stored away.

When not at home, he assumes a disguise and searches for a reason to destroy or stir trouble. His reasoning for doing this is to test the limits of others as well as his own limits while subtly making Azeroth a slightly better place (in his own opinion) by making life a living hell for especially demons. While Netharion is wise and hopeful, but somewhat evil and twisted, he has contact with a few mortals who came to know of him, monitoring them without their consent. He wants a few loyal mortals to put anyone out of their misery who would dare to approach his domain or announce his identity.

He also personally ventured to the Lost Canyons which he monitored to assist a small group of independant drakonid outcasts in their survival, but this assistance was only minimal to avoid too much suspicion from the mortal point of view. The drakonids never served Netharion like his few select minons, but in exchange for useful knowledge, they were sometimes rewarded materials which Netharion crafted.

Personality: Edit

The obsidian leviathan is very observant and prefers to watch things happen at a distance most of the time, but he does find it intriguing if a minor action of his might change the result of a situation. Logically, he enjoys watching people die and get hurt to satisfy his own taint despite it having been weakened due to his past.

His negative emotions have become less explosive over the years thanks to one from the Emerald Dragonflight who Netharion indirectly helped. Together with a couple of allied dragonkin of the Red Dragonflight, he seeks to further combat his mental curse.

Still affected by his taint, he sometimes behaves like a vicious predator, but wouldn't like to take the lives of those who have helped him for a prolonged period of time. He struggles to avoid harming his allies, but it has happened several times before and will likely happen again, therefore making him a rather unstable creature.

He is certainly aware of his own power and wouldn't hesitate to use it against strangers who might pose a threat. Netharion acts as if he's the absolute authority in most cases when encountered, but if located in another place in which he'd have a disadvantage in battle, he'd act more casual and perhaps even being respectful towards strangers, pretending as if he is the weaker one.

Netharion has a tendency to seek out one's weaknesses quickly in desperation to have the advantage should a battle break out while he's present. He will definitely use fear to his own advantage in an attempt to pull out useful knowledge from others, therefore making him quite a manipulative genius.

In truth, he does not want to engage in battle if he cannot be certain that he'll escape mostly undamaged as he has to take care of his remaining offspring and will do anything in his power to keep them safe even if it means acting like those he'd usually deem weak.

To summarize:

Observant, puzzling, dangerous and enigmatic in nature.



The Black Dragonflight, Himself.

Languages: ==== Draconic, Common, Thalassian, Orcish, Dwarvish and Titan (slightly) ====

Appearance: ==== He is tremendously tall when sitting up straight, counting his horns upon the back of his head.

Netharion's surface is all covered with rock-hard scales, unable to be pierced by the sharpest of normal swords and arrows. Bullets will be rather useless as well, unless you are aiming for his eyes or using the most powerful of bullets. His massive wings reach about the diameter of a small village and his tail half the said diameter. His tail is rather long and its end has an orb of even harder scales which can be used as a mace. He has a noticable miscolored spot on the top of his tail upon its middle, after taking a certain warlock's Chaos Bolt spell from behind. Except for that, he appears healthy without further wounds. His claws are sharp and can be used to slash and crush enemies with ease. An army of teeth is seen upon and within his mouth. Netharion's eyes usually glow orange in the dark, but when enraged they can shift to a mysterious glowy red as a result of a trinket tracking his emotional state to alert his allies. Due to his physical training, fighting magically generated apparitions, his physique is obviously something to behold and it is not just for show. He is extremely powerful physically, where he is lacking in magical ability when setting his age in perspective. Despite having had time to study certain fields of magic, this weakness still becomes evident in his limited arsenal of spells. Because of this, his underbelly has also gained thicker scales after intentionally being magically powered gradually over the years while improving his defense for centuries. Netharion discovered his underbelly as a weakness at an early age and knew it would be his end, if he didn't do anything about it. By having heard the same words escape the mouths of dragon hunters while spying, he has taken the necessary precautions by working intensively on hardening his skin. The same is to be said about his neck area, being thicker than usual and not easily damaged.

The most efficient strategy to damage him would be to use siege weapons or the terrain and different environments to put him in a disadvantage.

Mortal Form: (Varies)

Crow/Raven/Worg Form: Usually scary during the night, but seems normal during the day. Since he has a lot of time to create weapons and other things, he's created a couple of familiars which are identical to his Crow Form and Worg Form, but a lot weaker compared to himself. They all share the same trait, they can switch places with either another familiar or Netharion himself. It is very hard to know whether it is just a familiar or the real deal.

The familiars are not many, but are hardly wounded by non-magical attacks unless their weakspot takes the blow.

Human: An adventurer in green clothes, sporting a sword and a staff. He usually assumes this form when he personally travels the world as opposed to using and controlling his familiars from a distance.

Fears ====

Netharion's greatest fear, is to see his own drakes die before his own eyes, which happened once when Ember proved to be insane enough to harm his brethren. Other fears would be torture, (ironically) nightmares, Old Gods, paralyzation, yet he does not fear death anymore.

Backstory: ==



Netharion is an offspring of the self-proclaimed Bloodfang Brood. He has been through many battles and is mostly unknown to mortals. He is a rather arrogant being, but when a situation gets serious, he might listen to what strangers say. Sometimes he can also throw away his arrogance at will if he is in the right mood.


The First Journey Edit

A millenia ago, Netharion hatched from an egg in a warm and cozy den. He emerged from his egg, ready to kill just after hatching. His brothers and sisters were among him, teasing him for now being the youngest member of the brood. Netharion did of course not understand everything yet. After 1 month had passed, Netharion was already expelled from his home, so was his brothers and sisters. Netharion accompanied two of his brothers in order to have someone to compare himself with. The three hatchlings went out hunting together, viciously ripping their prey apart due to their destructive instincts. Netharion looked upon his brothers, wondering who was the strongest. After a successful meal, he challenged his older brother, Rethion, to a duel. Continuously, the small whelps bit and clawed each other, both getting rather tired and wounded from the fight. It was a tie.

Netharion and the two other hatchlings proceeded to live in the Badlands for the time being, eating whatever food they could find and finding shelter in tiny caves they digged.

As the three hatchlings grew larger, closing in on the form of a drake, Netharion's two brothers went out from their newly digged cave without Netharion noticing. The two hatchlings came back with a larger meal, being a young stag. Netharion was hungry after having slept for a while, but his brothers were way too egoistic so they didn't give him anything. Netharion roared at his brothers in annoyance, demanding a bite from the food. The three hatchlings were inevitably all very selfish and didn't yield to each other. They all broke into a fight that lasted for only a couple of minutes. Netharion being the most angry and determined one, dealt the most damage. When they all were too tired to fight any longer, Netharion once again gazed upon his brothers, laying on the ground, bleeding. He did not have any love for them anymore, so he did not care... or rather, that is what the whispers told him. He noticed one of his brothers, Rethion, had his throat ripped open. They all knew that he wasn't going to make it. Netharion decided to never stay with his brothers again, he left the cave, doubting his own kin.

Netharion traveled into the Highlands, long before all the chaos with the Twilight's Hammer. He made a cave there for himself, now being all alone. He knew he had always been guided by his taint and thought it was the only good thing to do. Not being himself, he followed the words of his taint. He had a small hunting zone where he continued to hunt and train himself in combat.

Drake Ages === Netharion had been in the Highlands for so long, that he destroyed his own cave to find something new. The same cycle each day made him even more insane, his mind couldn't take it. Netharion soon learned how to properly use his disguise ability and got an idea. "I should figure out how these humanoid societies function..." He left his cave behind, not bothering to rebuild it. Once entering a village, having assumed a human disguise, he saw posters written in common. All the posters advertising different things he really didn't care about. He sighed, not having a clue about what the mortal society could offer. He usually went somewhat far away from the current town he was investigating and digged out a temporary cave, then he could spy upon the village from a distance if bored or simply walk into it, using his disguise. He made sure that people wouldn't find his nearby cave, but in rare cases, it happened, leading to bloodshed. Netharion then had to permanently leave the town and usually ended up killing the responsible individual who discovered his cave. He left quickly after the kill to prevent anyone from following him. From this point and onwards, he was always on the move.

Netharion became older with time, he was now an adolescent drake, pretty lithe and agile. He discovered that he could travel to the continent of Kalimdor to find new species to hunt and new areas to explore.

Near Present Times (Year 2012-13) ====

Netharion was fully mature, and decided to return to the Eastern Kingdoms to find out more about his brood. He gained further interest as he remembered how one of his relatives told him that their brood was called the "Bloodfang Brood".

After traveling around the Eastern Kingdoms once more, he tried to figure out where the home of his ancestors was located, continuing his search as he could not remember where it was at. When a year had passed, he concluded that it was a huge temple-like structure and underground tunnels hidden just a few hundred meters below the mountains of the eastern Searing Gorge, on the edge between Badlands and Searing Gorge.

Netharion started the search for their old domain to see what he could find, however, he was stopped in his search as he stumbled upon a powerful heirloom used by his father. He immediately took it only to feel his power gradually being drained. Being unable to properly carry it without growing exhausted, he decided to move it further into his old home so that no one could find it until he found a way to avoid this energy drainage.

Netharion decided to move all his secrets to his old home, which he did successfully while keeping a distance from the axe-like heirloom. Upon investigating the place further, he found a hidden chamber, a prison, where several creatures dwelled within. Truly a stranger, one of them stepped out. The creature introduced itself, using the name 'Red'. 'Red' pledged his loyalty to Netharion once being freed and easily convinced the obsidian leviathan that he could be of great use. 'Red' had been in the temple for ages or even centuries it seemed. 'Red' said that he could ask about everything, but simply not about his past. Netharion didn't care much anyway and said: "I can at least let you keep your secrets to yourself now that you intend on becoming my ally." 'Red' nodded in agreement and was honest that he wouldn't let Netharion down. 'Red' later showed great potential as a fighter and even signs of being capable to use multiple schools of magic once the drakonid began his studies.

Netharion remained confused for years, wondering what type of dragon 'Red' was as his appearance differed from the average drakonid. After searching through books and scrolls found in the temple which he had never bothered to read, he found out that 'Red' was in the same category as a drakonid, though 'Red' seemingly lacked the brute force of one for some reason. In addition, Netharion discovered something much more exciting; there was one more of them.

End of Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria: Edit

Towards the end of the Cataclysm, Netharion flew above the ruined town of Darkvale, a town he previously had destroyed, for the last time. He knew that he wasn't coming back to settle the score with his newly gained enemies. Confused and blinded by rage and regret, he continued to fly away, down near the Blasted Lands and disappeared behind the mountains. Anyone there would've seen him fly off and over the mountains into the unknown. Either gone for good or settled at another remote location.

Warlords of Draenor Edit

Still alive, hiding.

Netharion had barely been active during these times, mostly interacting slightly in a few towns using his scout familiars which were controlled by a dragonspawn of his. Only socializing with his close and loyal allies.

Legion Edit

He has returned after his exile in Outland, the broken remnants of Draenor.

Still remaining exiled somewhere on Azeroth, but has become more active with the intention of slaying demons.

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