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Tarren Mill.

A Horde affiliated township, located in the northeast of the Hillsbrad Foothills.


Presently a foward base for the Forsaken, Tarren Mill once found conflict against the Non-Horde factions; many of these factions being the straggling remnants of the "Old" Kingdom of Lordaeron. The Forsaken, led by High Executor Darthalia, have successfully eliminated the remaining factions. Asserting Forsaken, and therefore Horde, control of Tarren Mill.

Its atmosphere is now plagued by semi-hazardous gases, and the village itself is controlled by Forsaken taskmasters. These Forsaken vary from the casual and still surprisingly ambitious innkeepers to combat-abberations affiliated with, and constructed by, the Royal Apothecary Society within the Forsaken capital, the Undercity.

Tarren Mill [ History. ]Edit

Originally built upon the Thondroril River as a landholding of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, Tarren Mill once teemed with Lordaeronian citizens and soldiers. Merchants and entrepreneurs were at least mindful denizens and strangers radiating a friendly and social aura. The town flourished; producing a market fruitful enough to keep the economy flowing as any township should. Though attacks rocked the small trade town's balanced foundation of trade, scaring away most of the commonly visiting buisnessmen.

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Old Tarren Mill.

During the Second War, Alliance forces were dispatched to liberate captive Elven archers from the area, though found significant Horde resistance which further obstructed routes of trade. Eventually, the wars dimmed down; opening another short-lived boom of trade which allowed the flow of capital and imports back in, as they had done originally. Though peace was never kept at a constant.

The Third War saw the entrance of a new force to claim Tarren Mill its own, the Scourge. Battles sparked and flared throughout the Foothills, and the Plague had its deathly hand upon the native human population. However Tarren Mill would see one, last change; Sylvanas and her renegade undead would seize control of the Mill, and make it their outpost within Hillsbrad.

We love visitors!Edit

Though infested with the aforementioned semi-dangerous toxins and ghoulish parodies of the living, the Forsaken have a wonderful inn, albeit riddled with cobwebs and entrenched in the smell of rotting flesh!

Though the inn has seen wonders in architectural improvement, the apothecary building has increased not only in size but in technology to suit the growing Royal Apothecary Society. Though that isn't to say that the Forsaken have forgotten about you, bookworms! A significantly sized building, complete with tomes and books of all sorts, has been erected to suit your literary needs - as well as house the aspiring apothecaries and alchemists who wish to further augment the Forsaken war machine to more efficiently deal with the encroaching Alliance.

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Local apothecary research facility.


  • Apothecary Juliardis is second-in-command to High Executor Darthalis.
  • Currently occupied, garrisoned, and overviewed by the military taskforce, 'The Forsaken Spearhead'.
  • Please be aware of your surroundings! Medical check-ups are suggested after leaving the premises of Tarren Mill!