Since the sudden offensive sweep of Forsaken forces had assaulted the Gilnean walls, several taskmasters and Executioners have been assigned coalition roles to retaliate against the constant ebb and flow

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of the Gilnean forces conflicting against the current Forsaken forces. One of the notable forces being, 'The Forsaken Spearhead'.

Solely based upon conquesting contested and uncontested territory as well as supressing the mentioned Liberation Fronts that had obstructed further advancement of the operation to eliminate the Gilneans, the Forsaken had formed these signficantly sized groups to commandeer these problems, though the numbers of these taskforces are unidentified, it is given thought that only few to none exist because of the sheer forces concentrated upon the said Offensive Front at the Gilnean walls.


Presently and mainly positioned in Tarren Mill, 'The Forsaken Spearhead' has yet to be confirmed with their first task. Most concerns lie in the Sludge Fields that are infested with vengeful ghouls, renegade undead Magisters, and a few twisted abberations siding with the mentioned renegades; Reports have mentioned that the head of the operations of the renegade faction leader conflicting against the Forsaken forces in the Sludge Fields is 'Magister Burnside'.

Information of the confirmed locations of the Spearhead:
WoWScrnShot 061712 144237

Magistrate Burnside's evidential renegade photo.

Present Official lead:Edit

Presently being led by Juliardis of the Royal Apothecary Society, the drastic actions confirmed to be made are still unknown. Additional notable figures will be officially added in the time prior to the engagement of operations.

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