The Cross of the Templars - their logo.

The Knights Templar was an order, devoted to guarding the Alonsus Chapel and the Flame inside.


The Knights Templar, also known as the Temple Knights of Alonsus' Chapel, were an order devoted to Alonsus's Temple in Stratholme, ordered to guard the Eternal Flame with their Life.

Arthas' CullingEdit

The Knights of the Temple had not foreseen these consequences, but were greeted with the attack of Arthas and his Knights, only able to fight against his soldiers. They were decimated quickly, as in the end, all that was left was the wreckage and land of Corpses scattered. Short times later, the new branches of Knights, followed up from Lordaeron, had gotten to his Location. As the time passed, the soldiers encountered mindless husks, knowing they were from the dark origin of magic. The party frowned, attacking the husks at all costs. They were hardly a challenge, but still an evildoing.
Templar Knight in Battle Dress by a

An ordinary Templar Knight in Armor.

The Siege of StratholmeEdit

Over the time of slaughtering, an unexpected horde of Undead stormed into it, led by lich overlord Kel'Thuzad. Their only hope was to fight, but without avail. They were quickly decimated, leaving back a branch of Surviving Paladins and Arrian, the Grand-Master. As they attempted to mount their horses to escape, a towering Beast with a hook pulled the horses by their legs, tripping them. Thus, the Knights had to go on on foot. With their effort to fight through the monsters, they had done so, finding the exit only to see the Flying necropolis above the City. „By the light..“, Arrian exclaimed, moving out. „Quickly, Paladins! We have no time or power to slaughter them!“ The Knights continued, reaching the exit eventually. Now facing Towering Beasts composed of flesh, the Knights ordered Arrian to leave, while they sliced their swords at the Abominations. Arrian wanted to help, but could not. The only use to his doing now, is to move to stormwind, where he rested for a time, then recruiting a new branch of Squires, Clerics, and others to rebuild the Order into shining glory.



  • Train squires
  • Gain armors; armory
  • Fund the armory

Armors and weapons are needed.


  • Gain Horses, Other Riding animals
  • Gain Siege Equipment
  • Build Shelter-point Nearby-Stratholme


  • Gain Access to Stratholme
  • Siege Stratholme
  • Retrieve the Eternal Flame, keep it Safe
  • Secure the City, if not Area

End of the TempleEdit

Subsequently, Arrian Lightsword wasn't able to acquire enough soldiers for his siege-attack. Overcome with doubt and anger, he instead attempted to charge in himself with few others, and failed doing so. He was killed, and the Templars were disbanded with his death and resurrection.