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The Northgate Regiment is in devout service to its King, albeit not originally.

The Northgate Regiment, officially titled Grenadier Regiment IV, is one of the remaining fragments of the original standing army of Gilneas. Though this standing army, in itself, has mostly dissolved, the Northgate Regiment has miraculously managed to survive the Civil War, the worgen curse and the Battle for Gilneas, albeit with more scars and fur now.

The fame of the Northgate Regiment begins sometime before the Civil War and all the events Gilneas is now known for today. As part of the Second War token force that was sent by Greymane to help the Alliance battle back the Horde, they are somewhat more respected than their other patriots.


The Northgate Regiment began as a feudal force tied to what are suspected to be Lord Godfrey's ancestors. Then, the military group was commanded by knights wielding swords and maces rather than officers wielding muskets and gunpowder. Though feudalism was since abolished in Gilneas, and as the gunpowder rolled in, the swords went out, and officers and sergeants who earned rank from skill rather than birth capitalised on the change.

The group then joined the standing army of Gilneas, and that is where they became specialised grenadiers. Training for the Northgates was originally based upon region (namely the Northgate Woods area of Gilneas), though towards the Second War the state would simply transfer promising infantry over to the Northgate Regiment. This increased the specialisation of the troops, and they soon became a small yet significant part of the Gilnean army.