The Alliance Crest

A military establishment in the kingdom of Stormwind, with jurisdiction in Elywnn, Redridge Mountains and Duskwood. They act under King Varian Wrynn's command and it's current leader is William Guntherson. The main purpose for the garrison is to preserve peace and order within the kingdom, their secondary role is to be ready whenever the army of Stormwind is in need of their assistance.

Who forms the garrison?Edit

The garrison will accept anyone with little to much experience in combat to join their ranks, and for those with little experience they are more than glad to assist them in their training as it is for the best. There aren't many ranks within this garrison, for it is a small organization, however the current ranks are the following :?

Garrison leader: William Guntherson (currently)

High Commander: Not assigned.

Captain: Not assigned.

And then there are the elite guards, the normal everyday guards and the initiates or trainees.

Base camp and training groundsEdit

The base camp, aswell as the recruiting camp is located in Northshire Valley, where the garrison has it's armory and training grounds aswell as the library and battle hall where military plans can be and are discussed.