Insignia of the Synod of Purity

An old Holy order created by Bishop Lanfranc of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City for the purpose of purifying the people of Stormwidian lands. It ended upon Bishop Lanfranc's sudden disappearance.

Creation of the SynodEdit

Lanfranc held the belief that Stormwind and its people, including those within the Church itself, were becoming corrupt by the day. He thus began an order of knight-like holy warriors; he called it the Synod of Purity. A priest named Ignatius Lordsblood joined, and later a layman called Glyn. His first main focus began in Elwynn Forest, particularly Goldshire. He was noted to have believed that the town was filled with heathens.

The Goldshire Witch TrialEdit

Soon after beginning work in Elwynn, Lanfranc and his men managed to get their hands on a witch, who was later found out by the Theramore Rangers to be a woman by the name of Varenda. A hasty trial was given; Ignatius testified that the woman had wiped out a small family, disintigrating her body with black magic. Lanfranc quickly ordered her executed and burned. Upon her death, black energy visibly escaped from her body.

Fall of the Synod of PurityEdit

Only days after Glyn planned on bringing up a killing involving Ignatius to Bishop Lanfranc, the Bishop suddenly disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown. After a month, the Cathedral presumed him dead, and put ordained Ignatius Lordsblood as the new Bishop, holding diocese over the lands of Elwynn, Redridge, and Duskwood. In honor of his predecessor, Ignatius continues the same mission of purifying Stormwidian lands; his Conclave of Purity now seeks to finish what the Bishop begun. As for Glyn, his Synod armour was confiscated by Lanfranc's family, and he was left jobless, homeless, and degregaded. He is rumoured to be wandering the Eastern Kingdoms, but not much else is known.