Torq at Sparkdealer Island





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The Sparkdealer Cartel



Torq was a wandering ogre who was once a racer in the Thousand Needles until he was slaughtered by a vicous army of quilboar warriors. Once a racer in the desolate wastes of the Shimmering Flats, he was forced to exile himself after the dire flood that engulfed the area in water and ended his career. Torq headed up north into the Barrens where he found a few bandits gathering a stash of treasure from within the shores. Intrigued at the fast pace that they were getting rich, Torq struck a deal with them before heading off into the Eastern Kingdoms, where his cousins in Duskwood had called for him. However, along the way Torq had gotten lost within the Stranglethorn Vale and was unable to find his way out without being attacked by wildlife and other nasty forces for a while.

Eventually, Torq had returned as promised to his cartel leader and soon-to-be-friend, Razilius Sparkdealer, and went off to help him in his ventures. Lacking intelligence but being particularly skillful at causing intimidation, Torq became Razilius' personal bodyguard. At one point, he even joined in on a scheme to make the Sparkcog Cartel feel guilty about abandoning them as a trade connection. After Razilius' death, Torq found himself lost and unable to cope with the pain. On his way back to the Thousand Needles, Torq was overcome by a massive band of quilboars who rapidly slew the disheartened ogre. His remains were chewed to the bone and eventually tossed off of a cliff into the Thousand Needles, where he is able to spend eternity in the place he considered home in life.