Physical Features

First off, it is important to understand that Elandria appears quite tall, at most times, as she holds her head high in dignity, if not pride. Her face is structured smoothly, and it appears that nature was favorable with her, as it was with (most) elves. Some have a rounded face, a sharp, jutting one, but her visage is soft, giving her the appearance of a regal noblewoman, though such she is not. Her eyes display a canny intelligence, lunging forth from clear blue eyes. Her teeth, are pristine white, shining often with compassion and warmth to compliment her smile. The hair is cropped short, being almost feathery soft; not too silvery, not too bright, being a mellow sort of blonde that one could grow fond of looking at. Her ears? Why, of course, they are flexible and long, often bending or twitching. In fact, if one were to know her well enough, they could even deduce her mood from the patterns of her ears twitching, or which one.. or the frequency rate. The Magi's nose is sharp, but not too sharp, just having a nice round where one would expect it to be, not some unexpected clash landing of a spire that some odds and ends possess in the world.

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