Epilague: The Birth

"Tonight, a bright and glowing moon. We've been waiting for months for this night, tonight is the night of a beautiful occasion. Tonight, is the birth of our daughter. Her name was given by the Oracle in preparation to our lords son, Ginmar third heir to the pack. They will be here for her tonight, to take her away from us and raise her as their own. An Alpha." ~ Froster and Vivian Powell.

Crickets and the sound of wildlife fill the cool night air, a soft whimper from new born puppy fills a cave. The last of her litter, color'd lightly while her brothers and sisters dark and blends in with her mother, she wanders a bit before finding her way to her mothers bosm form warmth and protection not long has she has with her mother before she is taken by a Worgen not of her own blood. Taken away from her family and out of the caves warmth into the cold Duskwood air to her new home. Into the den of her new home and family. It doesn't take long for the puppy to figure out she is away from her own mother, whimpering and whining throts from her throat. The Worgen places her with her new mother, the Den Mother warmthens her new child. the pup content with her new found wamth fizzles off into a soft and quiet slumber for the night, unknowning of the event that took place. Her life set into motion, an Alpha.

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