Hello, hello! It's been a while since RPH has had any updates -- anywhere, for that matter!

We're always looking for ways to expand RPH, and on the wiki sometimes people get lost among the confusion. Today our homepage has been updated with a basic portal which easily accesses essential information without any searching required. So far this includes links to valuable information hubs such as our forum and Wikia's own help pages, which is a standard template for most wiki homepages.

We're also including several feature tabs which include general announcements (i.e., this blog); a recent blogs listing so that you'll never miss what people are posting and can keep up-to-date with these blogs; and a "Getting Started" mini-guide that explains some of the basics of Wikia editing to help you better create your article and contribute more effectively to the community here. Note that announcements will continue to be posted on the wiki forum, but will now include this homepage as well for ease of access.

On the subject of essential information hubs, portals are a concept that is being considered for certain categories, such as the back story, for more user friendly browsing of pages. Please keep in mind that suggestions for improving the homepage are welcome; it will no doubt continue to be worked on and expanded as needed in the future.

One final note on the in-game server before I wrap this up: I have said in several posts across the wiki that RPH is likely to be up in early December. I'd like to re-iterate that this is merely a guess based on what I have been told; I do not have any further information to provide right now but I will continue to keep everyone informed with the most up-to-date information that I have.

A final thank you to everyone who gave feedback during the testing phase of this. Happy editing!

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